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Harnessing the Power of Water


Water Jet Cutting Services

cutting services
Atlantis Waterjet provides nationwide water jet cutting services to cut standard and prototype parts from CAD files or dimensional drawings for any application or industry.

And in addition to expert water jet cutting, we can assist you with:

  • Design – We offer design services to input your dimensional drawings into our CAD program or integrate your CAD files into our automated production process. Your production files are securely stored for future use.
  • Procurement – We can receive your materials or order materials that meet your specifications. For customers with ongoing needs, we can inventory reasonable quantities of materials to reduce lead times.
  • Specifications and production quality consulting to ensure your project is completed to your exact requirements. We can rough-cut parts for further CNC machining, or cut components to tolerances as high as .030 on the periphery or .010 on holes and cutouts to create finely finished parts.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages of using water jet cutting services for your production needs!