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Our Machinery

State-of-the-Art Waterjet Cutting Machinery

OEM Parts
We use Flow’s Dynamic Waterjet with Active Tolerance Control. This state-of-the-art waterjet cutting machine addresses two distinct attributes that waterjet operators can encounter when cutting with water: stream lag and taper.
  • Stream lag occurs when the entry point of the waterjet cuts faster than the exit part. This is because the jet is most powerful when entering the material and loses some of its power as it exits. In effect, the exit stream is "lagging" behind the entrance point. Accuracy is decreased, and part geometry errors are visible.
  • Taper is a V-shaped natural occurrence that takes place when the power of the waterjet stream decreases as it cuts through the material.

Faster, More Accurate Parts

Invented and patented to counteract stream lag and taper, our machinery allows us to cut at top speed and to high precision, resulting in high quality and cost savings for you.

Dynamic Waterjet technology utilizes advanced SmartStreamT mathematical models that automatically tilt the waterjet head to eliminate taper and control the stream, resulting in a part that is cut fast and with superior accuracy.

Higher Cut Quality

What's more, the Dynamic Waterjet machie provides a higher-quality cut part. This can often eliminate secondary processing, saving you valuable time and money.

Benefits of Hyperpressure

Our machinery uses a 94,000-psi-rated pump. Compared to traditional 60,000-psi-rated pumps, this:

  • Cuts 30-50% faster
  • Uses 30-50% less abrasive
  • Delivers 20-30% lower part cost
  • Is extremely fast

With our 94,000-psi0rated pump, stream velocities approach Mach 4, four times the speed of sound. This provides increases of 30% - 50% in cutting speeds regardless of the material or thickness.