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Harnessing the Power of Water


Aerospace Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet cutting is a perfect solution for the precision fabrication of parts and components that would otherwise require conventional tooling to cut, drill, route or deburr.

Waterjet cutting is superior to plasma cutting due to the absence of heat in the cutting process which could cause thermal damage to some materials.  The ability to stack flat sheets allows for greater production efficiency than standard machining.  By comparison the fastest, cleanest and most cost effective manner for fabricating standard parts is water jet cutting.

Waterjet machines routinely cut a variety of aerospace materials.  This includes hard materials and composites such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, alloys, and glass in addition to soft materials such as plastic, rubber, foam, carpeting, insulation and fabrics.  Our equipment can handle large sheets and material blanks.  Finished parts rarely requiring any hand finishing.